Queering Space

U Film Society's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Fest comes out without crossing over.

Homo Heights An event in its own right, this long-awaited sneak preview-cum-benefit (for the queerly devoted Philanthrofund) has been perfectly timed to piggyback on the fest's tail end. And it really is something to see: a triumph of candy-colored costuming, ornate production design (Dangerous Liaisons meets Willy Wonka and John Waters?), and writer-director Sara Moore's dream-logic style of narrative clowning. Boldly lacking in plot per se, but stuffed with queer-signifying bric-a-brac and shout-outs to gay icons, Homo Heights is, above all, full of characters: At the center of the hubbub is a heavy-set drag queen named Maria Callous (Stephen Sorrentino), head of the gay mafia; comic Lea DeLaria camps it up as the overripe Clementine (a.k.a. "everybody's ex"), who steers a lavender cab in search of true love; and Quentin Crisp deadpans fabulously as the self-described "Greta Garbo of queerdom," an eightysomething gay guru who collects such movie-actress artifacts as Gloria Swanson's nicotine- and beef wellington-stained false teeth and the actual toilet on which Judy Garland died. And did I mention the trio of pink-clad, pillbox hat-wearing Jackie Os? On the one hand, the movie is so out there it literally ends in space; on the other, it's a distinct product of hometown pride. More on Moore in next week's issue. State Theatre, Saturday, October 11 at 8 p.m.

U Film's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Film Festival starts Friday and continues through Saturday, October 11. All screenings (with the exception of Shooting Porn and Homo Heights) are at Bell Auditorium; for more info, call 627-4430.

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