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Wing Young Huie's Lake Street portfolio.

We're waiting for papa who did not show up for visitation. We agreed to meet in a public place so he could see the baby. The baby is Indian, Thai, Lao and French. And mom is Polish. Doesn't he look Polish, which he obviously doesn't. We've lived in the neighborhood since 1964. I own my own home. I have five children. This is number five.

The father has a problem. He thinks everybody picks on him because he's not white. He misses first place in a muscle contest because he's not white. It's a bunch of baloney. You don't see color after a while when you know people. Nobody sees color. I don't. Maybe people of color see color. I don't know. But he's a refugee. Maybe it's difficult to come from a different culture and run into prejudice as a child. He came when he was 10.

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Wing Young Huie

Suneson Music Center, 1611 E. Lake]]

I've been singing all my life, since I was 5 years old. Worked down here on Lake Street about 35 years ago. We had little remote radio broadcasts. Had a group called the Circle Dot Ranch Boys. I tried to make a living at it for a while, but it just didn't work out. We have a session here every Saturday morning. Anybody who wants to play is welcome.

When I feel good I'm kind of a nut. I'm kind of crazy and it has got me in a little bit of trouble. That led to a few things that weren't too happy for me. But I got off that now.

There are two songs that when I sing I always break down and cry. One is called "Old Shep." It's about a dog that a person had to shoot. The other is "Be Careful of the Stones That You Throw." Just even talking about it gets to me.

I just love to sing, that's all. I'm just the happiest man in the world if I can just sing somebody's favorite song for them. I don't perform.

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Night Fall Records]]

(Night Fall Records specializes in imported metal music. On Sundays customers are invited to come in costume and corpse paint.)

The idea is to try to look dead or unholy. I got sort of tired of the way I looked every day. I do different designs all the time. Sometimes I put it on and walk around outside and see how people react. It's fun.

I listen to death, black, speed metal. I've been listening since I was about 8. My sister got me started by playing Kiss, Ozzy, and Black Sabbath. I like the way it sounds. It grabs you by your soul. It's sort of like in Africa when they do the voodoo dance. It feels good. Some of it is harmonious, but at concerts you feel real aggressive. None of my friends listen to it. They listen to rap and stuff. I always go to concerts by myself. I listen to it every day.

I live at home with my mom. She doesn't mind my music. She figures that as long as I don't try to join gangs or deal or do drugs it's okay. I like to watch cartoons a lot. Comic books. Play with my kitty cat. Basically watch TV. Play video games. I dropped out of school. I don't regret it at all.

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When I first moved into the neighborhood the people got along really well. They looked out for each other. We didn't have to fear for the people coming into our neighborhood who didn't belong here. Now you have to turn around and watch who's coming down the sidewalk behind you. People don't want to be involved. They'd just as soon have somebody else do the so-called dirty work.

The neighborhood has gotten to the point where unfortunately I can't tolerate some of the activities going on anymore. I've also been threatened by some of these people. I notice a lot of drug activity and prostitution going on. Some of these people are aware that I'm aware of it, so therefore they know that I've been talking to the police and they said, 'Hey, we're going to eliminate you.' I don't like to say it, but it's just not desirable to live here anymore. I just can't deal with it any more. I'm moving to the suburbs.

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15th Avenue and East Lake]]

My name is Psycho. The police gave me that name. It's kind of a messed-up label. Sometimes I do wrong, sometimes I don't. The land takes care of me and I take care of the land. The people out here is normal. People just put them down all the time. They human beings too. Just because people get high, smoke crack, stuff like that. Everybody got some kind of faults in their life. Ain't nobody perfect. Anyone perfect is dead. We do what we have to do to survive. I just go in Psycho's land. This is Psycho's land. Whatever goes wrong, goes wrong. I try to keep things from going wrong. I stay with my mom off and on. My mother is a church lady. I'm the outcast of the family, but very loved by all of them.

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