5:00-10:00 P.M.

At 5:00 on the Mainstage, Mill City hits its prime with the "Blues Music Festival." If Mill City manages to survive for another five or 10 years it will be due in large measure to its Labor Day afternoon blues showcase, a burgeoning tradition that, as was the case last year, figures to be the Fest's top draw. It begins on the Mainstage at 5 p.m. with Jay Geils and Magic Dick, the namesake and florid harmonica player, respectively, of the old J. Geils Band. They're followed by Jimmie Vaughan, who will forever be overshadowed by his more talented younger brother, Stevie Ray, but still remains a fiery, jagged guitarist and singer in his own right, most prominently as a founder of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. But the quality really kicks in with Robert Cray, the pre-eminent contemporary blues artist, who has melded the grit and passion of vintage soul with a fleet but substantial guitar attack. As with last year, B.B. King will close out the showcase with the incredibly clean guitar licks and relaxed back-porch anecdotes that have made him the most recognized bluesman in the world today. And don't be surprised if the evening climaxes with a gloriously raucous guitar jam involving King, Cray, Vaughan, and the gang.

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