Ring Around the Wrestlers

These days Sharkey runs his own throwback association, Pro Wrestling America, training young wrestlers and staging shows in small towns around the state. He also does a little refereeing, which allows him the occasional trip to Japan or the Middle East.

"I'll tell you, I'm pretty much the last of the carnival wrestlers," he figures. "There aren't a lot of old wrestlers left, period. Ray 'The Cripple' Stevens is dead. Haystack Calhoun is dead. The Crusher, though, is still alive and looks great. Mad Dog lives in Council Bluffs, and the Baron is running a gift shop up in Bemidji. Every year we have a wrestler's reunion out in California, the Cauliflower Club, and it's always great to see the old guys. We lived together, traveled together, and wrestled each other, and none of us were ever considered normal people. But we sure were rich in characters."

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