While noon on Friday may be the best time to see Cossetta's at its most humming, there's a lot to recommend a visit on Tuesday at 3, when the tables are sparsely populated and the walls come to life. They're covered with photos of West Seventh Street as it used to be, when the streets were full--sometimes with shoppers, sometimes with families sitting out the heat, sometimes with kids on sleds, and sometimes with the floodwaters of the Mississippi--but they were always full. Hopefully, if things keep going the way they are, if people continue to seek out the best pizza, if Dave Cossetta reveals some great waterfront site, if Norm Coleman caters development to the city and not the city to development, if you choose joy over convenience, those streets will be full once again.


WRAP THIS: Everyone keeps coming up to me and saying, "You've got to try the new wraps. I love the new wraps. You'll like the new wraps. Don't you like the new wraps?" They're talking about Calhoun Square's Mighty Wrapps, and no, no I don't like the new wraps. I like the taste of them OK, particularly the salmon one, but I don't like the idea of them at all. And I'm not alone.

Location Info


Cossetta Italian Market & Pizzeria

211 W. Seventh St.
St. Paul, MN 55102

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: St. Paul (Downtown)

The guy at the Anti-Wrap Page explains: "Once again, the sanctity of our world has been threatened by the Forces of Total Lameness trying to make a quick buck off of public stupidity. They've opened burrito shops in many new locations, which would be an admirable contribution but for one hideous fact: They aren't calling them burritos! Why? Because they think you're stupid. They think you have no regard for the proud heritage of the burrito, and will not be offended by its co-option and exploitation. They think you'll be scared off by the ethnicity of 'burrito,' preferring the manufactured-trendy, whitewashed neologism 'wrap'..."

The Anti-Wrap guy also offers "Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Destroy the 'Wrap,'" which include "If a friend asks, 'Wanna go get a "wrap"?' tell them, 'I'll give you a rap!' and then strike them on the head with a wooden stick." With all this anti-wrap sentiment, is it any wonder that the Seattle Times asked in an April 22 headline: "Food-industry analysts wonder: Is the wrap over?" The story documents the decline of wrap chains Macheezmo Mouse, Todo Wraps, and World Wrapps. Well here's a clue for them: If you can't unload your tired old failing wraps out in Seattle just stick them on a truck going east--because we're dying for them.

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