No Exit, II

Monday's U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on the Confinement of Sex Offenders Leaves Questions Unanswered, Including the Fate of Minnesota's Sexual Psychopath Laws.

2. The Air Force intends for the transfer of ownership of the chimpanzees to be irrevocable.

3. The Air Force intends to offer its interest in the PRC. However, individuals/organizations are encouraged to propose to use their own facilities.

4. The Air Force does not intend to transfer title of the underlying real property on which the PRC is located.


1. Each recipient of any chimpanzee(s) must--

a. utilize such chimpanzees only for scientific research or medical research purposes; or

b. retire and provide adequate care for such chimpanzees.

2. Each recipient of chimpanzees or PRC facilities shall take such chimpanzees or PRC facilities subject to any existing leases or other encumbrances at the time of the divestment.

3. The divestment of interest of the United States in the PRC shall be at no cost to the Air Force and the Air Force will not pay for the divestment of the Air Force-owned chimpanzees.


1. Recipients of chimpanzees will be subject to certain regulatory requirements, particularly those imposed under the Animal Welfare Act.

2. Some of the chimpanzees have undergone previous experimental research.

3. The preferred goal of this opportunity is to transfer ownership of all the chimpanzees to one or more recipients. The Air Force prefers that the chimpanzee social groups be maintained, but, will consider transferring ownership of fewer than all, in a social group, to a recipient.

Letters of Interest related to the proposed divestment may also be sent by facsimile to the Chimpanzee Divestment Officer at (210) 536-4253.

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