Washed Up

It's been two years since local attorney Jim Moon vanished. His insurers want to close the case

The Development Of The Electric-Guitar Solo In Rock Music, 1954-1971

By Stephen Kenneth Valdez, University of Oregon. Findings: The most prominent instrument in rock music from 1954 to 1971 was the electric guitar; most bands during this period included two guitars. One was designated a rhythm instrument and worked in conjunction with the bass and the drums. The other guitar was termed a lead instrument...

The Timing Of Orgasm And Sexual Satisfaction

By Jacqueline Lee Newman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Findings: It was hypothesized that for both women and men a relationship exists between the timing of orgasm and sexual satisfaction... [The study] revealed no significant differences for either gender. It is recommended that a more precise method of determining orgasm timing be employed to replicate the study.

An Examination of the Relationships Between Penis Size and Body Image, Genital Image, and Perception of Sexual Competency in the Male

By Harold Charles Winter, New York University. Findings: The 96 research participants were adult males ranging in age from 20 through 59 who measured their penises with the Penis Self-Measuring Instrument and the Circumference Measuring Tape... The results suggest that penis size and, in particular, circumference of the penis are factors in a man's perception of his own body image, genital image, and sexual competency.
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