Out with a Whimper

The education bill's dead; long live the education bill

That comment from a St. Paul salesman was typical of many heard in the course of a statewide survey conducted by the Minneapolis Tribune's Minnesota Poll to learn what Minnesotans think of anti-Vietnam war demonstrations and the people who take part in them.

Almost three out of four state residents (74 percent) told field reporters that demonstrations are not an effective way to protest the war in Vietnam. About the same proportion of people (75 percent) have an unfavorable impression of a person who, without breaking any laws, participates in a demonstration.

--Minneapolis Tribune, May 21, 1967


By Dave Mona

TEEN-AGERS from all parts of the Twin Cities flocked Sunday into South St. Paul's spacious Wakota Arena, high on a hill overlooking the stockyards. The event was the first annual "Connie Awards" dance, featuring the five bands nominated as the area's best... Each of the five bands, Danny's Reasons, T.C. Atlantic, Underbeats, Hot Half Dozen and Del Counts had a little less than an hour to wail. Their noise sessions were interrupted by two performances by the Flippers, a nationally known group recognizable for their strange attire--suits...

Times have changed drastically in the last 10 years. The couples sit out the slow ones and dance the fast ones. One nice thing about today's steps is that you can easily walk between and among partners. Sometimes you can't even see the partners, they're so far apart.

Police commented that the dancers were exceedingly well behaved. The youths were spending so much time maintaining their cool that there was little time left for getting into trouble.

There are some unwritten ground rules at these affairs: Girls must not look directly at boys. The trick is to maneuver as close to the target boy as possible, then feign surprise and nonchalance when he notices you. Boys must not walk fast. Especially popular is the "Steve McQueen shuffle," a mode of locomotion whereby it takes nearly 15 minutes to walk from blue line to blue line in the converted hockey palace.

--Minneapolis Tribune, May 23, 1967

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