Mending Fences

The Twin Cities' most celebrated playwright and their most prominent theater finally meet--under questionable circumstances.

"Some fences are meant to keep people in, some are meant to keep people out," advises Troy's friend Bono. In embracing Penumbra's production, and exposing it to a broader audience, the Guthrie has indeed taken an important step toward eliminating the institutional barrier that, in many people's eyes, stood between August Wilson and the Guthrie. The real barrier is still there, though: money, backed by the power to decide who shall and shall not grace the Guthrie stage. As long as that's the case, you can be sure that August Wilson will continue lobbying for separate black regional theaters, with access to comparable resources--no matter how many of his plays appear at the Guthrie.

Fences continues at the Guthrie Theater through May 25; call 347-2224.

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