Stadium Math

The Governor uses his bully pulpit to keep the Twins Ballpark Bill alive

During the height of the disturbance, Judge Paul S. Carroll and Judge Clyde R. White of the municipal court bench went to Earl Traeger, chief engineer of the fire department, and asked him to instruct firemen to turn water on the crowd. Traeger refused, declaring that "if we do that, hell's liable to pop loose."

Shouts rang out as the crowd's leaders exhorted their followers to action: "We want a living wage"--"Make the bankers pay for CWA projects!"

MEANWHILE, in 1997, the Star Tribune published in last week's Sunday paper a special Star Tribune section--that's right, a section about the Star Tribune, touting their new slogan, "It's Where You Live." Our favorite lines:

Planning a wedding, looking for a great place to golf, buying gifts for the holidays, keeping up on gossip, thinking about a nose job, wondering whom to vote for... ?

Star Tribune gives you accurate information about almost anything you're interested in...

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