LSGI Again?

The City appears headed toward another lawsuit over property on Nicollet Mall

--USA Today, June 13, 1994

The Open Wound: At Last, the World Comes Face to Face with What Is Being Done to All the Little Girls ...

The ordeal of "female circumcision" in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, which opponents have called "genital mutilation" involving young girls, is examined. The practice is a quasi-religious ritual that ranges from excision of the clitoris to full obliteration of the vulva.

--Washington Post, Nov. 22, 1992

Evangelist's Aide Faces Sex Charges

The first sex-crime charges have been brought against members of the quasi-religious cult known as the Clifford E. Hobbs Foundation in Newport, Washington following a police raid on the compound in July 1989. Mauro Castillo and Tammy Wagoner have been charged with having sex with a young girl.

--Chicago Tribune, Sept. 14, 1989

8 Ex-Workers at DeKalb Farmers Market Settle Federal Suit

A lawsuit filed by eight former DeKalb Farmers Market supervisors against market owner Robert Blazer has been settled out of court. The lawsuit claimed that Blazer required the employees to attend quasi-religious seminars or risk the loss of their jobs. A complaint filed with the EEOC before the lawsuit has led to new guidelines involving such seminars.

--Atlanta Constitution, June 8, 1989

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