Grrr-ella Filmmaking

Ex-Minnesotan Sarah Jacobson loses it confidently with Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore.

Autobiography or no, the film sports a happy ending that now seems inseparable from Jacobson's own. For one thing, Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore concludes with a shot of the theater marquee touting a movie entitled Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore. For another, this is a filmmaker who clearly represents the virtues of independent optimism, and who's bent on tailoring her own art to inspire more of the same. "In terms of relating to the guy that I lost my virginity to," Jacobson says, "the movie was a chance to say the things that I didn't get to say at the time. Most girls don't get to do that, in films or in real life. But as a filmmaker, you do get to have the last word. You can write your own happy endings, and I just love that kind of power." CP

Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore screens Friday at 8 p.m. at the Walker Art Center.

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