"For [Minneapolis Police Chief] Robert Olson, the honeymoon is over! A scandal around discrimination within the force emerges, incurring a lot of changes from the top down." (Delott)

"The murder rate is going to drop in Minneapolis and [Olson] is going to take credit for it, when basically what's happening is that it's moving to the suburbs. I think we'll see a lot of nice, middle-class school kids committing crimes, and a lot of unexplained violence in the schools." (Harwig)

"Mike Sauro may be vindicated and have his record cleared but may decide to leave the police aspect of the criminal justice system." (Delott)

"Mike Sauro? I see him moving out west to Montana or Idaho." (Harwig)


Stanley Hubbard's Big Adventure

"This guy Hubbard is in the planning stages of something really big. I don't know what it is, but it will be unveiled before summertime. It is either some type of merger or he will be selling off Channel 5." (Pamela)

"I think Hubbard is going to do some shaking up at his station. In a really lucrative deal, he is going to sell his satellite interests and put his money into cable and be much more successful and happy. He is in a very powerful cycle where he can't do anything wrong for about 15 years." (Strasburg)

"Sometime in February or March there will be a big merger, or possibly him buying a cable network. Excellent timing would be sometime between February 5 and 23 and March 15." (Miller)

Bill Gates: Microsoftie?

"Just when you think there is nothing new, he fools you; there is something new on his horizon. I'm not sure it has to do with business, though. More along personal lines." (Blagdon)

"He's building a home in Seattle, and I think that will be the start of him building an entire community. He wants to help others. Maybe a planned community for the homeless. Maybe this is wishful thinking." (Harwig)

"Bill Gates develops a new software product that represents a breakthrough in that technology and increases the value of his company tremendously." (Delott)

Curt Carlson: Finally, a Lucky Break

"He is up for an absolutely great, solid year. His home seems highlighted and will be in the news. I can't see anything negative going on for him." (Strasburg)

"Curt Carlson will have severe problems with two people in the upper echelon of the company, who will be quietly let go. He'll step back in again, find new leadership, one of which will be a woman, and quietly step aside to replenish his strength." (Delott)

"He'll retire and turn a lot over to his family in the next 18 months." (Miller)

"Poor business decisions could wipe out what is left of his once vast fortune. His house doesn't look good either." (Pamela)


The Prince Formerly Known
as an Artist

"Prince continues to struggle in his career, developing some marital difficulties, but his wife keeps a cool head." (Delott)

"Prince will drop out of the scene completely and become a recluse. He may very well leave Minnesota." (Harwig)

"He's going to be doing some outrageous stuff but it's not going to be coming out until later this year. He's going to be doing some wild things with friends and associates that could cause problems in his marriage." (Pamela)

"The next 13, 14 years are a great unbroken run in his career. But there are real problems with the marriage. He might break up in '97 and then surprise everyone and get back together in '98. The future looks real good--he'll be more successful in his 50s than he is now." (Strasburg)

Turning the Tables on C.J.

"If not currently in a relationship, C.J. may have an unlikely relationship that develops into a long-term commitment." (Delott)

Chelsea Clinton Comes Into her Own

"Has she made a college selection? I don't know but Harvard came into my head." (Blagdon)

"I don't predict death because it is not a nice thing to do. I think I am adding the sex of the presidents' daughters to my list of things to stay away from." (Harwig)

"When is she going to have sex? It looks like by next year." (Pamela)

"Chelsea Clinton won't be doing too much in the news this year. She is like her sister Amy; she doesn't like to stand out." (Fatima)

Predictions compiled by Amanda Ferguson, Joseph Hart, and Britt Robson.

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