"I think it will be a good year for Wellstone. People are going to emulate the way he dresses, which isn't so great--very informal, not messy exactly, but certainly not Armani suits, more like he shops at K-Mart. And that will be trendy." (Harwig)

"He's going to run into some problems this year. He's going to get a glimpse of what's going on in the underbelly of politics and then he'll understand what he's been fighting. There may be some problems with family members that pull him away from Washington." (Pamela)

"Not to knock someone who has done good things, but he is a very individualistic and moralistic man, extreme in some of his views. He is a pioneer and it looks good for him as late as '99, but he doesn't have a chance of being president. He flat out doesn't know how to play politics on a national level. Maybe he could run with Perot." (Strasburg)


Norm Coleman is...

An Ill-Fitting Turncoat.

"All these things around changing parties--what I saw was a coat turned inside out. At this point in time it doesn't look like an appropriate fit." (Blagdon)

A Weird Wastrel in Heavy Denial.

"He's a strange dude. A part of him is real sensible and part of his year will go well. He might even get some nice career opportunities around the turn of the century. But there is a part of him, boy, there is something he is dealing with less and less realistically, let me put it that way. There might be a scandal. I'm almost sure it has to do with the way he manages money." (Strasburg)

Primed to Discover the Inner Loser.

"I think for '97 he's going to start campaigning for governor. Of course he won't run until '98, but I think he'll lose badly." (Harwig)

"He'll try to go for higher office but I don't think he'll make it." (Fatima)

"Norm Coleman has an inner drive to go right to the top of whatever goal he sets for himself. My sense is that he was promised a 'rose garden' but will not get the support he needs from the Republican Party to actually win the top job in the state." (Delott)

Destined to Grow from Adversity.

"If he's not careful he will be tripping all over his own feet, unless he puts as much into the world as he expects from it. If he does he will gain greatly in personal productivity. This will be a year of wisdom." (Woltering)

The Next Governor.

"He will try to run for governor and what I see is he just may win! If this is what he wants, I think it will happen." (Miller)

Sharon Sayles Belton:

She'll Head-Butt City Officials!

"Sharon Sayles Belton, I think, is going to run for governor. I think she has a good shot. She's got a better shot than Norm Coleman." (Harwig)

"She's a dynamic personality, with a genius for organization. I think there will be some kind of turning point in her career coming up, probably in February. I would not be surprised if she lost her post and went on to something else. But she is destined for good things." (Pamela)

"I see her continuing to work hard for the city of Minneapolis. She may bump heads with the chief of police. I see her literally bumping heads with the chief of police. I think it has to do with management style." (Blagdon)

Arne Carlson:
He'll Have a Good Year, or a Bad One

"He's like, on a roll, and it will be a pretty good year for Arne." (Blagdon)

"Nothing he does is going to go right. He's going to get blamed for a lot of things that aren't really his fault. It's not going to be a good year for Arne." (Harwig)

"Looks like a slow year for Arne; he's planting seeds for the future. More change is coming for him after his birthday [in September] and he should watch his health." (Pamela)


"Dr. Dick and family, I believe, will be convicted. I think they'll get three years probation and community service." (Harwig)

"The Dicks? Instant karma is gonna get 'em." (Pamela)

"With the Dicks, there is a maliciousness; it is more the epitome of greed than evil, pure and simple greed. There seems to be an inability to make the connection with the serious nature of what they were doing, [so] they have created this barrier around themselves. [If convicted] they're not going to get what is happening to them." (Blagdon)

"I think there will be more bombings, but it doesn't appear to be big like the [World] Trade Center or the Oklahoma City bombing." (Blagdon)

"The next terrorist act? I think Disney World is the next target. I'm not exactly sure when, but I'll go out on a limb and say April of next year." (Harwig)

"There's going to be a [Minneapolis] police story. It is scandalous in nature but I don't think it's exactly police corruption. There's a politician involved in it. Up at the top." (Blagdon)

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