The psychics we polled believe that Twins owner Carl Pohlad will get his stadium--and then sell the team to Kirby Puckett! Astrologer Virginia Miller, who made her predictions based on the birthdate of the Twins's franchise and the Metrodome as well as Pohlad's, says, "By the charts, it does look like there will be a stadium--I feel in the spring in '99. Pohlad is going to sell off, as early as this spring."

Psychic Kathryn Harwig knows who the buyers will be. "Pohlad is going to sell the Twins, and Kirby Puckett and Harvey McKay are going to go into partnership and buy them," she says.

And why would Pohlad sell the team? "I see his health deteriorating in the next year. He appears to be in a weakened state," says Diana Blagdon, another psychic.

But according to psychic Shirley Strasburg, it is a state that won't last long. "He'll have surgery this year but one that goes real well and he'll actually feel better in a couple of years than he does now," she says.

Becoming the new owner of the Twins is just the beginning of Puckett's home run trot over the few years according to nearly all the psychics we talked to. "His internal strength is what is going to make him shine. There is a lot of positive energy around him," says Blagdon. "His energy and health are at a peak," agrees psychic Marlene Delott. No further word on the fortunes of Mr. McKay.


Channel 5

Hail, Hail, Kalley King is Dead

"There'll be someone new at Channel 5, a female who is a favorite with everybody. They will go a little bit higher, maybe second or first in the ratings because of her." (Fatima)

Channel 4

Don Shelby: Restless and Disillusioned!

"He's obviously a very idealistic journalist, honestly shocked by how deep the dark side and raw power of Minnesota business is. I feel it's disabled him." (Delott)

"Is it possible he's in a place where he's considering whether he wants to work or not work?" (Blagdon)

"He's either going to quit or go into part time." (Harwig)

Colleen Needles: Dutiful, Empty-Headed

"Colleen's husband may have a job change and it is necessary for her to follow him. Relationships and family are her top priority, and her loyalties are strong." (Delott)

"What I want to say is vagueness. Or in the shadows." (Blagdon)

Gaspo: Housebroken but
not Heartbroken

"The first thing I get is something about an airlines story. Is he working on an airlines story?" (Blagdon)

"He'll have a lot of lucky breaks in the next year." (Delott)

"I have him staying at home, becoming a Mr. Mom." (Harwig)

Channel 11

Pat Miles: Watch Out Oprah!

"Her career really takes off and expands. Creative endeavors are accentuated. She goes on to bigger and better things." (Delott)

"I think she's going to do some meaningful work with that interview format." (Blagdon)

"Looks to me like she's moving into bigger responsibility. Excellent for her career." (Miller)

"Definitely going to change what she's going to be doing work-wise. Will do more travel and internationally related things. Whether it will be known or not she'll be getting a lot of help from her friends. She might be in a more serious frame of mind, but beyond February she'll be more optimistic and have a great run of luck." (Strasburg)

"New beginnings and romance!" (Pamela)

"I don't sense that she's going to be around. Not because she doesn't want to be, but because she gets the axe." (Harwig)

Paul Magers:
He'll be Taken Seriously, Someday

"This guy is really in a hurry. It is a good year and he'll have solid growth, but he needs to watch his patience and his temper. People will start to take him seriously in his late 40s or 50s, but he wants it now. He needs to relax. His life stays really strongly linked with Pat Miles." (Strasburg)

"Somewhat of a perfectionist. 1997 looks like a good year for him. Him and Pat are kind of in synch with each other." (Pamela)

"Lots of in-fighting at the station. He looks around for better conditions, but station fights to keep him." (Delott)

"Paul, I think, will quit. He's going to be moving on, going to some bigger station." (Harwig)

"A career change or advancement looks very good for him, something he already knows." (Miller)

"He may have a move coming up. I don't think he's going to replace Brokaw, but maybe a bigger network market. Maybe Philadelphia." (Blagdon)

Diana Pierce:
I Gotta be Me

"A little confused about her career, doesn't know what to do. Seems there could be a big change." (Miller)

"She's an independent spirit. It looks like she may leave Channel 11 this spring to pursue her true love, which is music." (Pamela)

"Continued expansion of her own business. Quite possible she'll leave Channel 11.
A year of change!" (Woltering)

"Sorry to say, but she's going to have a tough year. It's almost like she's in the wrong area. Not sure she will be working for Channel 11 by the end of the year. If she's leaving because of an opportunity in '97, it won't come to anything and she'll regret it in '98. But it won't stop her career; there is much more a strong-willed maverick in there than you realize." (Strasburg)


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