Guess Who's (Not) Coming to Dinner

Black Minneapolis meets white Minneapolis.

          But I just wanted to make--

          Would you kill somebody if they went after your little girl?

          Yeah. That's heavy.

          You'd kill 'em.

          Wouldn't you?

          I'd want to kill them. If someone went after Elly? I'd want to kill them. I'd want to do all sorts of things to them. But you see, Vic, do you think it's honestly right to shoot somebody? I mean is that what...

          If it's you or them, or...

          Is that justice, though?

          There is no justice in the city.

          There is no justice in the city?

          Not in the whole criminal justice system for black people. There is no justice.

          So you honestly believe there is no justice for black people?

          There's not, you know what I'm saying. I don't think there is. I just want to say thanks for taking my call. I'm just trying to make a point because I know you've got a mostly white audience.

          We are trying to understand today. Because it--you know, it breaks my heart, it really does, as a mother and a grandmother to think that you have to carry a gun to protect your child or protect yourself. Now I guess my next question is, can't you get out of that environment or is that the way--

          You ask the easiest question to ask, but would you let me come stay in Eden Prairie with you or wherever--

          I don't live in Eden Prairie... You want to have dinner?


          Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey, Vic, don't challenge me without--you want to have dinner tonight?

          No, but I'm saying in that general, not you probably, but most of the population--

          Come on, Vic, you want to have dinner tonight?

          First of all--

          You want to come to my home?

          No, no, you are getting off the subject.

          No, no, no, no. You are getting off--wait, wait, wait. You just said that you wouldn't want me in your home or you wouldn't want me living with you and you just cast it aside and I've come just to a stop in this conversation. If I were to say to you I'd like to get to know you and I am fine introducing you to my family and having you come over, including--you've got a daughter who is a year old? You want to get her together with my granddaughter?

          Hey, can we talk about what--I just want to make a point.

          But Vic, I'm trying to make a point too. I'm trying to make a point that things are not necessarily out there the way you see them.

          But it is. That's the way I grew up you know.

          But because it's the way you grew up, it doesn't have to stay that way. You don't have to live a life with guns. If you are a kid that wants to get out and go to work and it sounds like you are traveling a long way, get out of your neighborhood, you don't have to stay there.... What if I were to help you go to college? Are you smart enough to go to college?

          I'm very intelligent.

          Well, are we going to get together?

          No, but--

          Wait, wait, Vic, are we going to get together? Because let me tell you, for an old white broad, I've got good contacts. I could probably, if you are a smart kid, get you into school.

          Well, I'm trying to finish getting my--

          Do you want to go to school? Vic, do you want to go to school?

          Yeah, I want to go to school.

          Do you want to change your life?

          Yeah. My life has changed a lot. I used to stay in Chicago and it used to be way worse than this and I used to be gang-bangin.' I'm taking one step at a time.

          Why did you come here, Vic?

          Because there's too much competition in Chicago.

          Wait, there was too much competition for drugs? Too much competition on the streets?

          For everything. Drugs, jobs, everything. Everybody got their own reasons.

          So how did you hear about Minneapolis?

          Friends come up here and tell you that it's all good, you know. I mean, up here, that is what the problem is. Nobody don't know each other, that's why they're killing each other. Because like you got to grow up with people, if you grow up with people you aren't going to be in a hurry to shoot them or whatever if you know them. But this is like no mans land in Minneapolis. Nobody don't know nobody.

          So you've got to carry a gun, Vic?

          I told you, I don't carry a gun with me. Just when I'm going to a place that I know is a hot spot. But I just wanted--

          Vic, I'm going to tell you something and you can just toss it aside and do whatever you want. You know how to reach me. And I'd be more than happy to have you come to my home and I'd be more than happy to meet you and I'd be more than happy to sit down and see what I could do about school. The only thing that I would ask is that you not have a gun when you come into my home.

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