Most shoppers, upon entering Allen Fahden's READundant(TM) bookstore, react with fear.

          "I have seen staff yelled at by Council Members, complete with pounding on desktop with fists."

          "The most common one is the Council Members in committee, abusing staff verbally and mentally."

          "Council Member yelling at staff during committee meetings."

          "I've seen many cases of Council Members abusing staff in Committee meetings in front of the public unnecessarily."

          "City Council Members' verbal abuse of staff at public meetings and in private."

          "I saw a Council Member nearly 'pounce' on a member of the [specific dept.] because the Council Member stated that information was not provided. Even with the staff member trying to speak calmly and discuss it, the Council Member kept shouting and cursing."

          "Demand by Council Member for special service, changes in enforcement, accompanied by threats."

          "Unreasonable, unethical, potentially illegal demands, usually by phone, from elected officials."

          "I have received intimidating, threatening phone calls from Council Members."

          "I was sexually, inappropriately touched by a Council Member."

          "Ongoing and flagrant flirting, sexually demeaning comments and attitudes toward female staff. Inaction when real concerns are brought to the management's attention."

          "Racist and sexist remarks are made frequently. Martin Luther King Day was made fun of by more than one employee."

          "The boss is always dancing around the office and making sexual comments; placing hand on chest and sliding downward in provocative manner. I feel she knows she's doing this, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable and I don't really know what to do to have her stop.
At times, I feel she's looking to draw attention to herself."

          "Verbal abuse given by a person who, while distributing this questionnaire, was actually verbally abusing myself and a co-worker."

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