When he's not out rocking, Hardcore Dave sometimes just likes to walk. "I walk everywhere," he says. "I love crossing that Grain Belt bridge over Hennepin, exploring all those cool stairways and all the paths down by the river. There's a lot of cool stuff down there." And sometimes Dave just likes to stay home. "Some days I wake up feeling in a crappy mood and I just stay home and maybe put Iron Maiden's 'Where Eagles Dare' on the stereo--that's the most intricate song I've ever heard in my life, one of those songs you could listen to a thousand times and never get sick of. And I'll smoke and drink coffee--coffee relaxes me--and try to get psyched up for the day. I mean, I know that it's tough to survive; society is just not what it used to be. It's going to hell, if you ask me, but you have to keep on going.

          "If it wasn't for rock & roll, I'd probably have committed hari-kari years ago. Getting to know so many Minneapolis bands and to make so many friends along the way is definitely the coolest thing that could have happened to me. It took me 15 years to get to the point where I'm known and respected in the music community, you know, where people will come up to me and go 'You're a cool dude, you know, we like you,' and the hardest thing is seeing bands break up, just losing so many cool bands. The Flaming Ohs, Chameleon, The Replacements, you know? I would just tell bands, come on, man, keep it together. You're never too old to rock. The Mofos rock to this day. They managed to keep it together and they kept rocking. And they can still blow you out of your shoes."

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