The Gentleman's Game

           The cognitive differences between cricket and baseball continue with the options facing the batsman. His primary responsibility is to protect his "wicket" (one of two sets of sticks in the ground that are cricket's equivalent of bases in baseball) from being struck by the bowler's pitch. If that happens, the batsman is out. He is also out if the fielders catch his hit on the fly, or touch either of the wickets, located approximately 22 yards apart, while the batsman and his co-runner move between them, attempting to score runs. Each team gets 10 outs before it is their opponent's turn to bat. Four runs are scored if the ball rolls outside the playing field boundaries, regardless of whether it is pitched or hit. Six runs are scored if the ball goes past the boundary on the fly. Typically, hundreds of runs are scored every cricket match.

           Asked what he enjoys most about the game, Ganatra says, "I love the batting. I love the pressure involved in the game because it is much more a mental game than one of physical attributes. It also helps me remember where I grew up." CP

           On Labor Day weekend, Ganatra's team will host a cricket tournament at the Meadows featuring teams from Winnipeg, Chicago, and St. Louis. All subcultures are welcome. For spectators, white clothing is optional.

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