Through the Body

           Also suffering from a substantive shortcoming are several photographs by the team of Abigail Braley Mouw and Michael Mouw. This team displays considerable prowess in layering figures, X-rays, and flat, projected shadows; however, while striving for surreal effects, their works often crash down to earth due to simplistic and sentimental imagery, as evidenced in such obvious pieces as "Injection," "Bird in Hand," and "Coquette."

           Individual critiques aside, Through the Body's lack of quality works should not at all detract from the fact that it represents one of the fundamental services a contemporary art institution can provide--keeping artists and the community abreast of what is currently being made in our corner of the world. In the end, the show's only true fault is the lack of insight the curators have provided into why Minnesota artists have become so enthralled with the human body.

           Through the Body is on view through September 1.

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