Music Notes

           Just a few stones' throws away, the Famine Chorus collective has been making all kinds of noise with their ongoing exhibition Sauna Hut Available, and Saturday night brings the most offbeat musical event yet to hit their temporary space in the Calhoun Building at Lake and Aldrich. Headliners Better Off Airport and Sukpatch appropriate hip-hop formulas to demented ends (the Casio and drum loops on Sukpatch's new 7-inch are particularly cool). Also on hand are the reformoed Deformo; a sample-heavy new version of Blanket; plus Shampoop, Shepherd Kings, and possibly other guests and DJs. As with the rest of Sauna Hut Available, the interdisciplinary exhibit will integrate other forms, including visual art and puppetry. Famine Chorus's control of this space will expire at the end of August when they'll move to new digs, so check 'em out here while you can. 7:30; $5 donation. Famine Chorus Gallery House Inc., 711 W. Lake St., Mpls.; 824-9009. (Groebner)

           Finally, a space dubbing itself The 35th Street Entry is presenting Iceburn, who we are told is a very cool, punk-free improv group from Salt Lake City who opened for Polvo here in town. They'll share the "stage" with like-minded locals Behemoth Thursday. $2 or donation; 8 p.m. 3525 First Ave. S., Mpls. (Groebner/Hermes)



           DEAD AT THE ENTRY


           7TH STREET ENTRY is the scene for the final gigs of at least four bands this month. Most prominently, Big Trouble House says goodbye on Friday, ending eight years of partnership between guitarist/vocalist Phil Harder and bassist Pat Langreck. Named for the legendary rock & roll house at 1925 Colfax, BTH cites the all-too-common failure of steady label support since the band's high-profile indie albums in 1989 and 1990. That's a shame, because over all this time, Harder's songwriting lens has grown increasingly rootsy, eclectic, and cynical. Harder will perform solo while concentrating his creative sensibilities on his more prosperous gig as music-video director with partner Rick Fuller. The farewell gig also features Fuller's band Venison, Thee Viceroys and Jimmy the Go-Go Man. $5. 8 p.m.; 338-8388.

           After Saturday night, dream-poppers Summer Holiday will take a permanent holiday in order for leader Matt Walburn to attend music school in Boston. They'll play two Saturday sets at February's annual Ice Cream Show, with The Dallas S opening. $5. All-ages show at 4 p.m.; drunk show at 9 p.m. Box of Steaks will throw in the T-bone on Monday, Aug. 12, with abundant all-star guests. And scruffy popsters Tot 50 will sign out on Friday, Aug. 16, opening for The Hang Ups (after which half of the 50s may be usurped by Mountain Singers). 7th Street Entry, 701 First Ave. N., Mpls.; 338-8388.(Groebner)

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