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           Edy's Grand Ice Cream

           5929 College Avenue

           Oakland, CA 94618

           MAKE MINE WALLEYE: Haven't had time for fishing this season? That's all right, you can still enjoy fresh fish just the same: Up North Wild Game & Whiskey (1501 Washington Ave. S., Mpls.) is pleased to serve walleye, starting immediately. Get your fish to do all sorts of tricks, such as climb on top of a pile of nachos, or sit in a quesadilla or taco. Or leave it alone: Baked walleye with fresh lemon is a lovely treat anytime. For reservations, call 375-1718.

           NEW PIZZA FACE: If you love pizza, live in the Uptown-southwest Minneapolis area, and are sick of big-name chains with their greasy, gloppy, cartoon pizzas, No Name Pizza (1625 Lagoon Ave., Mpls.) is the place you should be frequenting. Situated in the basement of a building at the corner of James and Lagoon, No Name is cozy and clean, with an overstuffed couch for slouching while you wait for your order and a few tables and chairs outside in case the sun is shining and you've no place else you'd rather be. The pizza we tried was quite tasty--a thin, crispy crust covered with artichokes, mushrooms, and just the right balance of sauce and cheese. Of course, some people get crazy when it comes to discussing the virtues of pizza. I am not one of these people; let the maniacs decide for themselves. I say that it's good stuff, and priced right ($6.95 for a small pizza, $9.95 for a large). The toppings are many, priced between 75¢ and $1.75. Order yourself silly with almonds, pineapples, sun-dried tomatoes, and coconut, or order a house specialty like the Bella Basil or The Kitchen Sink (that's 15 toppings of No Name's choice). All this and free delivery too! Call No Name at 825-1103.

           FIREWORKS FOR YOUR STOMACH: As many of you were probably knocking yourselves out with all sorts of forbidden fireworks hauled over the Wisconsin border this past Fourth of July, Sarita and Kul Kalra, owners of the Tandoor Restaurant, were putting the final touches on their plans to celebrate Swantantra Divas, the Indian Independence Day. Says Sarita, "After 300 years as a British colony, India gained its independence on August 15, 1947. We want to celebrate at Tandoor with a 'Swantantra Diva,' or 'Independence Day' dinner. During these next weeks, we'll offer our friends and customers a chance to sample much of the authentic Indian food, prepared from recipes handed down from my mother and grandmother, served at Tandoor. We'll also listen to Indian sitar music, watch authentic Indian dancing, and salute our native land's independence on August 15." In case you lost sight of Tandoor after it moved from its East Hennepin Avenue location, Tandoor now sits at 8062 Morgan Circle, in Bloomington. Call 885-9060 for reservations. For those of you who, like me, are left blissfully stunned by the Tandoor's yogurt cucumber sauce (it's great for dipping and accompanying spicy food), here's the recipe, courtesy of Sarita and Kul Kalra:

           Yogurt Cucumber Sauce

* 2 1/2 c. plain yogurt

* 1 sm. cucumber, peeled and grated into small pieces

* 2 tbsp. fresh chopped mint leaves OR 1 tsp. dried mint

* 1/2 tsp. roasted cumin seed

* 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper

* salt and pepper to taste

           Beat yogurt in bowl with spoon, fork, or egg beater until smooth and creamy. Add remaining ingredients. Refrigerate until served.

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