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           Q. Okay...why did you want to be a police officer?

           A. Well, I--the process--when I was about a sophomore in college, I felt that it was time to start to kind of look at what I wanted to do for my career so that I could point my studies in that direction, and went to a guidance counselor.

           I guess they gave me a big book with all these occupations in it and I started looking through it and came upon police officer and I kind of, you know, decided that's where I wanted to be. I looked at the things police officers did and the type of job they had.

           I liked the things--that it was kind of a self-initiated job. You basically did what you wanted to do with not a lot of close supervision. You kind of took credit for your successes and also credit for your failures. I liked that. I liked the aspect of civil service because you were promoted on your abilities and it didn't have a lot to do with politics, political things. I mean, you basically took tests and if you scored higher than somebody else, you got the grade, you got the promotion. I liked the ability. The salary wasn't great, but it was pretty stable. Usually cops when they get hired, you know, it's a 20-year till retirement career. And like I said, even though it's not great pay, it's enough to support a family, that type of thing. So all those things. And I like the ability not to have to work straight Monday through Friday. I kind of before that had worked, you know, nighttime jobs and stuff and I was kind of a nighttime person, so it just fit my--what I wanted to do, my lifestyle.

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