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We recently got e-mail from an Olympia, WA friend saying she was going to see ex-Breeder Kelley Deal's Solid State that night. "Impossible," we replied. "They're opening for Guided by Voices at First Ave. in two hours." Actually, we were both right: there are--or rather, were--two different States. That same day, ours renamed itself The Kelley Deal 6000; catch them Friday at the Entry with Slide Coaster, Steel Shank, Cordelia's Dad and headliner Mysteries of Life (the new band from Blake Babies/Antenna drummer Freda Love).

On a pre-planning note, Chicago's fourth annual Independent Label Festival, slated for July 26-27, is accepting submissions from interested bands and labels through March 29. The indie industry will converge for a weekend of convention fare, shmoozing opportunities, live music and more Steve Albini gossip than you can shake a compressor at. We attended the upstart ILF in '94 and found it chaotic but nevertheless poised to evolve into an institution. Minneapolis music tends to be underrepresented at these kinds of affairs, yet if you want to tour, you need Chicago. To be considered for a showcase, send your vinyl, tape or CD, a bio/press kit, $7 fee, and contact name, address, and phone number to ILF, 600 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605. Make the check out to Independent Label Festival. Indie labels should send the goods on all their artists who can participate.

Finally, by the time this CP is ready for recycling, Rev-105's Shelley Miller will have left for parts east, U-Haul in tow. Miller's taken the esteemed position of music director at Long Island's modern rock pioneer WDRE (previously WLIR, a progressive station which during its heyday was the source of many great live broadcasts, at least two of which--Gram Parsons and Big Star--later found their way onto official CD releases). The move brings a close to a local stint that included St. Cloud State's KVSC, KJ104, and Twin/Tone Records. Legend has it Miller was "discovered" calling numbers at a bingo hall, but she soon became one of the more genuine souls in local broadcasting. Best wishes, Shelley... (Will Hermes, Simon Peter Groebner, Jim Meyer)

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