Roller Kings

Up in the side tower Darrell launches into "Atomic Dog" and Charles leads a group around the outside of the rink, calling out the moves, the "Mixit Up" this time around; next might be the "Whole Thing," which Charles says, "is a conglomerate of a bunch of nice little steps mixed together." This is some seriously sexy rollerskating. You didn't see this sort of thing at Del's. In the parlance of the Roller Garden we were strictly "roundy-roundies." Still are. Am.

The Roller Garden makes poor Del's look like a closet, so there's plenty of room out there for even the lamest of the roundy-roundies, and you can lose yourself in the music, lose yourself in the wheels, in the crepuscular ambience. And when Darrell plays "Jungle Boogie," for just a queasy instant it could be 1974 and you could be 12 years old, scared to death.

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