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AFTER MUCH anticipation, the Jewel of India has opened its doors next to the small theaters, bars, and cafes that breathe life into the West Bank. And the promise of it becoming a great restaurant seems to lurk just around the seven corners. It's still distant, but not unforeseeable.

It could be that things are too new to be completely comfortable. The place has a bit of a showroom feel to it. Various items on the menu weren't available on either of our visits, and, despite what the menu claims, I was told that takeout is not an option. But don't let these minor gripes furrow your brow too much, as you'll find some unique and pleasing offerings here.

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Jewel of India

1427 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

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Region: Minneapolis (Downtown)

Jewel of India's menu is expansive. Appetizers consist of various combinations of pakora--fried morsels of vegetables, shrimp, and chicken--and samosa, all served with a dish of tasty mint sauce. The vegetarian platter ($6.95) we tried was superb; the samosa crisp and piping hot, laden with mildly curried potatoes and green peas; and the pakora, made primarily with cauliflower and potatoes deep-fried in chick pea batter, were also as hot and comforting as you could hope for. Soups here are also lovely, a medium-sized bowl of which will only set you back $1.95. Our table favored the tomato soup, peppery and thick with zucchini, carrots, and weighty chunks of tomato. The mulligatawny ran a close second, a delicately herbed purée of lentils and tomatoes topped with fresh cilantro that was pleasantly redolent of nutmeg. If you expected the coconut soup to be hiding any surprises, you'd be disappointed by the thin, mild broth. Maybe it just seemed to run bland in comparison to its companions.

As for entrees, there are plenty of seafood, lamb, chicken, vegetarian, and tandoori selections to choose from. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, availability is hit-or-miss. Both of our visits had us scrambling for second and third choices when we found tandoor lobster ($14.95), crab malabar ($12.95), and mughlai chicken ($9.95) were not to be had; maybe you'll have more luck. What we ended up with pleased us just fine, though. The lamb kadai ($9.95) was tasty: pieces of lamb that had been tenderly sautéed in a wok with thin slices of onion, garlic, and tomatoes, spiced hot enough to inspire a summery flush. It was a difficult decision, but eventually we went for the sibilant aloo gobi palak ($6.50) over the bhindi masala (whole okra stuffed with spices and cooked with onions and peppers, $7.95) for my vegetarian friend. Her reward was a sizzling silver dish of seasoned spinach, cauliflower florets, potatoes, tomatoes, and onions that was creamy and decadent. Same for the dal makni ($5.95) that showed up at our table mistakenly (though the waiter was kind enough to leave it without charge), a silky, luxurious dish of lentils and tomatoes cooked in butter, heavily accented with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and coriander. All entrees are served with fine basmati rice and chutney, and the breads we tried with our meal, garlic naan ($1.95) and mint paratha ($2.50), were both delicious.

A second visit proved disappointing. The vegetable samosa ($1.99) we had loved was running cold, served with a runny and sweet tamarind sauce instead of the mint. A meagerly portioned plate of lamb curry ($8.95) arrived lukewarm and bland. One guesses this was an exception to the rule; it was an exceedingly busy night. Service was cheerful if a little rushed, and our waitress was as jovial as could be under the circumstances. Nonalcoholic drinks (no license yet) and desserts are consistent, with a delicate rose water-flavored kulfi ($2.50); a rich basmati rice pudding served with almonds and pistachios ($1.95); firni, a custard pudding also flavored with pistachios and almonds ($2.50); and the heavy ras malai, cheese balls and nuts floating about in sweetened milk and rose water.

Taking everything into account, I'd say that if the Jewel of India works out a few kinks, it'll be around for some time. Judging by the crowds, I'm sure there are plenty of folks willing to help make this so.


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